Sunday, September 14, 2008

Presell Pages Boost:

What is a "presell page"? A presell page is a web page that is usually purchased or rented from a website owner who owns an authoritative domain. This page usually consists of several paragraphs of text that reflect carefully crafted language and text links focused on the buyers interests rather than the interests of the actual domain as whole.

The idea behind a couple of handfuls of "presell pages" is to boost the search engine rankings of the linked-to website in the organic results. This relatively new form of buying "text links" is gaining favor in the SEO world because it is very difficult to detect as an artificial link. 

As most of you know, buying text-links for the purpose of boosting a website's search presence is deemed outside of Google's guidelines because it exposes a hole in their algorithm. See Google's head of spam detection, Matt Cutts on paid text links....

Over the last year Google has become quite good at detecting old school paid text links but this new form is almost, but not entirely, undetectable. 

The newest rising SEO star in the floral industry is Order-Flowers-Delivery.Com. At present they are making huge inroads at ranking in the search engines due to "presell pages": ranking for such terms as "order flowers," "send flowers," and "flower delivery" to name but a few.

In reviewing the backlinks for them I noticed some "presell pages" in action. For an example, check out these pages by copying and pasting them into your browser:
  3. , and 
  4. [etc...there's is a lot more presell pages out there directed to]
In fact, the now defunct with its PageRank value of 6 is now being used as a Presell Page to boost the website as we see here --->

Any way, we can expect this website to continue to increase in ranking as they are utilizing other SEO methods including old school paid text links and post level ads (e.g. 

Is this a good SEO tactic? Yes & no. Yes because it works. No because the site has made itself a target by focusing in on popular general flower terms instead of niche focused queries. In my opinion, this site is currently NOT below the radar and is at risk. After all, it is the focus of this post.

[note: offers free pages that can be used as a "presell page."]

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