Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PageRank Update Dec. 30th 2008

There is a PageRank update underway. FTD.com, Proflowers.com, Teleflora.com: all PR6. 1800flowers.com: PR7. Running from memory here, but I think only Teleflora and 1800flowers increased by 1 point.

Update Dec. 31st: PageRank has been confirmed by Matt Cutts of Google via Twitter and his blog:


Ever heard of Yelp.com? If not, chances are you will. While the website has been around since 1996, only in recent time has it been updated to give Google exactly what Google is looking for: user content. In that regard, Yelp pages are now starting to popup for city searches around the nation. According to the header of the website:

“Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – and not so great – in your area.”

PageRank strengths on the site are strong enough to rank pages for various geographical florist searches. More specifically, it appears the SEO for Yelp is aware that more people type “flowers” after a city name than “florist” so all their floral related pages are optimized in apropos of.

However, like I said in my recent post on Justflowers.com and other order gatherers about being stretched too thin, if you optimize your website to just rank for your geographical area you’ll outrank them. A website that has PageRank of “0” can out rank a website of a PageRank of “5” if it is focused.

It has been said of Yelp that they tend to favor bad reviews in the way they organize their website so it is important to rank above them. 

To learn more about Yelp, visit Wikipedia

JustFlowers.Com Geographical Affiliate Ranking

As I get more and more involved in ranking various local florists for terms related to their geographical area, one thing I’m noticing from city to city is JustFlowers.com has multiple URLs ranking geographically.

This is a different SEO tactic than what we see from other order gatherers where ranking happens through pages tied to a main domain. Instead, Justflowers has chosen to just focus on certain popular terms through affiliate websites.

The typical pattern of a Justflowers.com affiliate usually involves an URL beginning with a number followed by the name of the city and ending with either “flowers” or “florist. Some examples can be seen in these URLS: 1phoenixflorist.com, 1austinflorist.com, 1stbostonflorist.com, 1chicagoflorist.com etc…

The idea behind putting a number in front of the URL is due to the fact that the logical address was already bought at the time they were actively purchasing domains. Apparently, Shane Garrett, President of Justflowers.com understands how the conceptual model of the web works and knows Google is likely to rank some of his websites on the 1st page for popular searches over time based on just 3 simple SEO principles: 

1)      The age of the domain.

2)      The keyword in the URL address (Google looks at the URL for any relevant keyword phrasing.       Though this is not a primary factor in ranking)

3)      Coordinating title & meta tags (this is more or less the steering wheel of the website)   

However, like the geographical rankings of all the other major order gatherers, the affiliate websites are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to geographical ranking because the  resources of Justflowers are stretched too thin. Yes, their affiliates may rank for your city, but they can easily be overtaken.

All a local florist has to do is focus in on optimizing their website for their city. Major order gatherers have too much going on to worry about ranking in the top 3 spots for every city/town in the nation. They are content with simply ranking *somewhere* on the 1st page and they aren’t going to put up much of a fight if you pass them in the search results.

The local florist can prevail geographically.

Any way, what follows is a list of the Justflowers affiliate websites in case any are interested to know what domains they own. The 3rd section below you may find of the most interest….

The first 6 domains reside on the IP Address: 

justflowers.com whois Send Flowers- Flower Delivery

      justgiftbaskets.com whois Gift Baskets:Gift Baskets at Just Gift Baskets.com

      wjustflowers.com whois Flower Delivery! Fast Flower Delivery for Sending Flowers.

      iris.justflowers.com whois

      tulip.justflowers.com whois

      rose.justflowers.com whois


The next 4 domains reside on the IP Address:


·                 virtualflowers.com whois FLORIST FLOWERS - Florist flower delivery and Virtual Flowers ...

·                 rose.virtualflowers.com whois

·                 tulip.virtualflowers.com whois

·                 vbouquet.virtualflowers.com whois


The rest of their URLs reside on the IP Address of:


·  ishop.com whois ishop.com

·  flowerarrangements.net whois Flower Arrangements

·  giftsvalentines.com whois "gifts" valentines-Valentine's Day Gifts

·  qatar-flowers.com whois Qatar-Flowers.com

·  1teddybear.com whois 1 Teddy Bear

·  calgary-florist.com whois Calgary-Florist.com

·  justcars.com whois JUSTCARS.COM

·  flower--shop.com whois Flower Shop

·  indianapolisflorist.com whois Indianapolis Florist

·  aaa-florists.com whois aaa-florists

·  justplantsdirect.com whois www.justplantsdirect.com

·  floristsonline.com whois FLORISTSONLINE.COM

·  bronxflowers.com whois Bronx Flowers

·  christmasflowers.com whois Christmas Flowers

·  madisonflorist.com whois MadisonFlorist

·  charlotteflorists.com whois CharlotteFlorists.com

·  247gifts.com whois 24/7 Gifts

·  flowersonline-florist.com whois FlowersOnline-Florist.com

·  justforflowers.com whois justforflowers.com

·  lancasterflorist.com whois LancasterFlorist.com

·  4freewallpaper.com whois JustFlowers.com

·  arkansasflowers.com whois ArkansasFlowers.com

·  national-florist.net whois National-Florist

·  online-florist.org whois Online-Florist.org

·  flowersonline4.com whois Flowers Online 4

·  sandiego-flowers.com whois San Diego Flowers

·  sanantonioflorist.com whois SanAntonioFlorist.com

·  sendflowerssendflowers.com whois Send Flowers Send Flowers

·  1phoenixflorist.com whois 1 Phoenix Florist

·  1austinflorist.com whois 1 Austin Florist

·  hackensack-florist.com whois Hackensack-Florist.com

·  discount-florist.com whois Discount-Florist

·  order--flowers.com whois Order Flowers

·  fresh--flowers.com whois Fresh Flowers

·  flowerslosangeles.com whois Flowers Los Angeles

·  sympathy-flowers.com whois Sympathy-Flowers

·  fantasticflorists.com whois Fantastic Florists

·  manhattan-florist.com whois Manhattan-Florist.com

·  1stbostonflorist.com whois 1st Boston Florist

·  justorchidsdirect.com whois JustOrchidsDirect.com

·  1chicagoflorist.com whois 1ChicagoFlorist.com

·  1honoluluflorist.com whois 1 Honolulu Florist

·  portland-florists.com whois Portland-Florists.com

·  tallahassee-florist.com whois Tallahassee-Florist.com

·  exclamationfoodbaskets.com whois Food Baskets

·  tucson-florists.com whois Tucson-Florists.com

·  guadalajaraflowers.com whois GuadalajaraFlowers.com

·  flowers-sendflowers.com whois flowers-send flowers

·  missouri-florist.com whois Missouri-Florist.com

·  peru-flowers.com whois Peru-Flowers.com

·  chicagoflorist.net whois ChicagoFlorist.net

·  denver-flower.com whois Denver Flower

·  astonishingflowercatalog.com whois Astonishing Flower Catalog

·  houstonflowerdelivery.com whois HoustonFlowerDelivery.com

·  flowerarrangements4.com whois flower arrangements 4

·  flower-online.org whois Flower-Online.org

·  sendingflowers4.com whois Sending Flowers 4 Your City

·  phoenix-flower-delivery.com whois Phoenix Flower Delivery

·  flowershop-flowersonline.com whois Flowershop-FlowersOnline.com

·  singaporeflorists.com whois SingaporeFlorists.com

·  flowerlondon.com whois FlowerLondon.com

·  washington-florist-flowers.com whois Washington-Florist-Flowers.com

·  4theweather.com whois 4 The Weather

·  7-flowers.com whois 7-flowers.com

·  seattle-flower-delivery.com whois Seattle Flower Delivery

·  send-flowers-now.com whois Send Flowers Now

·  san-francisco-florist.com whois San-Francisco-Florist

·  riversideflowers.com whois Riverside Flowers

·  albany-florist.com whois Albany-Florist

·  el-paso-flowers.com whois El-Paso-Flowers

·  online-funeral-flowers.com whois online-funeral-flowers.com

·  beautiful-flower-arrangement.com whois beautiful-flower-arrangement.com

·  flower--arrangements.com whois Flower--Arrangements

·  switzerlandflorist.com whois SwitzerlandFlorist.com

·  on-line-florists.com whois On-Line-Florists.com

·  dayton-flowers.com whois Dayton-flowers.com

·  new-york-flowers.com whois New-York-Flowers.com

·  flower--delivery.com whois Flower Delivery

·  phoenixflorist.net whois PhoenixFlorist.net

·  losangelesgiftbaskets.com whois LosAngelesGiftBaskets.com

·  flowermeanings.com whois Flower Meanings

·  philadelphia-gifts.com whois Philadelphia-Gifts.com

·  9flowers.com whois 9 Flowers

·  flower-pictures.com whois flower-pictures

·  virginia-florist.com whois Virginia-Florist.com

·  international-florists.com whois International-Florists.com

·  tampa-florist.com whois Tampa-Florist.com

·  flower-arrangements.net whois Flower-Arrangements.net

·  odessaflowers.com whois OdessaFlowers.com

·  flowers-cleveland.com whois Flowers-Cleveland.com

·  bostonflowerdelivery.com whois Boston Flower Delivery

·  vermont-florist.com whois Vermont-Florist.com

·  1stinballoons.com whois 1st In Balloons

·  4florist.com whois www.4florist.com

·  4dallasflowers.com whois 4 Dallas Flowers

·  amazingflowercatalog.com whois amazing flower catalog

·  florist-in.com whois Florist-In.com Florist Delivery

·  chicago-online-florist.com whois Chicago-Online-Florist

·  deliveryflower.net whois Delivery Flower

·  austintexasflowers.com whois Austin Texas Flowers

·  flower--catalog.com whois Flower Catalog

·  internet-flower-delivery.com whois Internet-Flower-Delivery.com - The best Flower Shop in the world

·  1stdcflorist.com whois 1st DC Florist

·  autumn-flowers.com whois AUTUMN-FLOWERS.COM

·  aflowercatalog.com whois a flower catalog

·  flower-flowershop.com whois flower-flowershop.com

·  online-florist-online-florist.com whois online-florist-online-florist

·  sendinggorgeousflowers.com whois sending gorgeous flowers

·  1stchicagoflowers.com whois 1st Chicago Flowers

·  flowerdelivery-virtualflorist.com whois flower delivery-virtual florist.com

·  storeflowercatalog.com whois stor eflower catalog

·  buffalo-florist.com whois Buffalo-Florist.com

·  houston-florist.net whois Houston-Florist.net

·  funeralflowersstore.com whois funeral flowers store

·  2day-gift-baskets.com whois 2day-gift-baskets-Gifts

·  virtualonlineflowers.com whois virtual online flowers

·  1stintoys.com whois 1st In Toys

·  calgary-flowers.com whois Calgary-Flowers.com

·  1stopfloristonline.com whois 1 stop florist online

·  2flowerarrangements.com whois 2 Flower Arrangements

·  beautifulflowercatalog.com whois beautiful flower catalog

·  illinois-flowers.com whois Illinois-Flowers.com

·  virtualonlineflorist.com whois virtual online florist

·  flowers-online-flowers-online.com whois Flowers-Online-Flowers-Online.com

·  9gifts.com whois 9 gifts-gift baskets

·  4buyingflowers.com whois 4 buying flowers

·  los-angeles-flowers.com whois Los-Angeles-Flowers

·  los-angeles-florist.com whois Los Angeles Florist

·  floweronline.org whois Flower Online

·  onlineflorist-sendflowers.com whois online florist-send flowers

·  4florist.net whois Virtual Online Florist - Online Flower Shop - Flowers online for the ...

·  sydneyflorist.com whois SydneyFlorist.com

·  srilankaflowers.com whois SriLankaFlowers.com

·  cyber-flower-catalog.com whois cyber-flower-catalog

·  floristsflorists.com whois Florists Florists -Flower Delivery

·  cyberflowercatalog.com whois Cyber Flower Catalog

·  florist-flower-shop.com whois Florist-Flower-Shop.com

·  providenceflorist.com whois Providence Florist

·  canada-florists.com whois Canada-Florists.com

·  kentucky-flowers.com whois Kentucky-Flowers.com

·  tremendousflorist.com whois Tremendous Florist

·  floristmontreal.com whois FloristMontreal.com

·  orlando-florist.com whois Orlando-Florist.com

·  beautifulflowerarrangement.com whois beautiful flower arrangement

·  sendflowersonline.net whois Send Flowers Online

·  flowers-calgary.com whois Flowers-Calgary.com

·  florist-denver.com whois Florist-denver.com

·  houstonflowers.net whois HoustonFlowers.net

·  florist-roses.com whois Florist-Roses.com

·  palo-alto-florist.com whois Palo-Alto-Florist.com

·  richmond-florist.com whois Richmond-Florist.com

·  irvine-flowers.com whois Irvine-Flowers.com

·  michigan-florist.com whois Michigan-Florist.com

·  send--flowers.com whois Send--Flowers

·  4cookiebaskets.com whois 4 Cookie Baskets

·  malaysia-flowers.com whois Malaysia-Flowers.com

·  netherlandsflowers.com whois NetherlandsFlowers.com

·  munichflowers.com whois MunichFlowers.com

·  flowers-arizona.com whois Flowers-Arizona.com

·  moscow-flowers.com whois Moscow-Flowers.com

·  vermont-flowers.com whois Vermont-Flowers.com

·  finlandflowers.com whois FINLANDFLOWERS.COM

·  indianapolis-florist.net whois Indianapolis-Florist.net

·  abcorderflowers.com whois abc order flowers

·  dallas-flowers.net whois Dallas-flowers.net

·  macaoflowers.com whois MacaoFlowers.com

·  flowerdeliveryflowerdelivery.com whois Flower Delivery Flower Delivery

·  bridgeportflowers.com whois BridgeportFlowers.com

·  florist-flora.com whois Florist-Flora.com -Flower Delivery

·  1stinclocks.com whois 1st In Clocks

·  floristtucson.com whois FloristTucson.com

·  kentuckyflowers.com whois KentuckyFlowers.com

·  floristhollywood.com whois FloristHollywood.com

·  sending--flowers.com whois Sending--Flowers

·  flowersfresno.com whois FlowersFresno.com

·  flowerstulsa.com whois FlowersTulsa.com

·  flowerstexas.com whois FlowersTexas.com

·  floristfairfax.com whois FloristFairfax.com

·  floristsacramento.com whois FloristSacramento.com

·  antiguaflowers.com whois AntiguaFlowers.com

·  floristmissouri.com whois FloristMissouri.com

·  new-jersey-florist.com whois New-Jersey-Florist.com

·  sendflowers-flowerdelivery.com whois SendFlowers-FlowerDelivery.com The best flowers online.

·  glendale-flowers.com whois Glendale-Flowers.com

·  floristtoronto.net whois FloristToronto.net

·  cairo-flowers.com whois CAIRO-FLOWERS.COM

·  philadelphiaflorist.net whois PhiladelphiaFlorist.net

·  bakersfieldflorist.com whois BakersfieldFlorist.com

·  manhattanflorist.net whois ManhattanFlorist.net

·  wedding-flowers.org whois wedding-flowers.coom

·  utahflowers.com whois UtahFlowers.com

·  new-hampshire-florist.com whois New-Hampshire-Florist.com

·  ocalaflorist.com whois OcalaFlorist.com

·  venturaflorist.com whois VenturaFlorist.com

·  flowersgermany.com whois FlowersGermany.com

·  arlingtonflowers.com whois Arlington Flowers

·  shreveportflorist.com whois ShreveportFlorist.com

·  floristpennsylvania.com whois FloristPennsylvania.com

·  gifts6.com whois gifts 6-gift baskets

·  cyberflowerdelivery.com whois Cyber Flower Delivery! Get your flowers here!