Thursday, April 2, 2009

Multiple Brands Experience "Sitelinks" at Once

Just days ago I blogged about Google running an IP-based local algorithm within general search for single keywords like "flowers" and "florist" etc...  As we saw in that post, Google is now ranking 3 brand websites followed by a local IP-based 10 pack. As I mentioned back then, this is a breakthough for local business exposure as it now evens the search field.
Fast forward to today, and now Google has implemented another feature called "sitelinks" to their brand ranking process. Yes, sitelinks are nothing new as they have always been reserved for the top ranking website only (not all top ranking websites can generate them) as we see in this example:
But now Google is giving the top 3 brand rankers all "sitelinks" at once for the keyword "flowers:" 

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