Saturday, July 4, 2009

Teleflora: Now Offering "Cheap Flower Arrangements"

Teleflora is now engaging in competitive price point marketing in an effort to compete with Proflowers and Their marketing strategy is to offer product at $19.99 as displayed in their Adwords campaign:
According to the landing page, if you are looking for "cheap flower arrangements," then their your florist of choice.
I've circled in "red" below the promotion price of $19.99. At present, this marketing strategy seems to be only offered via a click on their Adword campaign and is not available by way of directly going to This implies they are testing the water.


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that they don't offer $19.99 items - they are just regular priced items at $29.99 and the $19.99 price point comes from the "$10 off" discount they are using. Very misleading to the customer who is going to go to Teleflora looking for $19.99 products AND the $10 off.

Karin L. Crawford said...

As a local florist, I am not excited to hear about this trend. When you go to, a local florist fills the order, hand delivers it and guarantees it, and yet only gets a percentage of the cost of the bouquet. With some of the other websites, all you get is flowers in a box, shipped in hot summer weather or freezing cold in the winter.

Think about it, is a florist going to stay in business long, only getting a percentage of a $9.99 arrangement? ($19.99 with $10 off as the anonymous poster suggested)