Monday, February 9, 2009

Online Florist Reviews

There is an excellent news piece just posted on WINK News about ordering flowers online. You can watch the video here. As you watch the video you can read the statements released by Proflowers, 1800flowers, Teleflora, and Justflowers.

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Anonymous said... was four days late delivering my order. The delivery person just plain lied when he told JustFlowers that he had rung the doorbell, phoned, and left a voice message on Dec. 30. I was near the door and phone ALL day; he did not come or phone; nor did he come on 12/31. It took 4-5 calls on 12/31 to try to track down the flowers; the co. repeatedly failed to call with updates despite assurances after each call that they would do so. Finally, on Jan. 2 an unprotected, unwrapped vase of aging, bruised flowers was left unannounced outside in 24 degree weather and heavy winds. Delivery did not ring doorbell; he did phone after he had gotten away. JustFlowers refused to refund because "the delivery was made." It was "fulfilled" four days late with old flowers after JustFlowers refused to cancel the missing order on Jan. 2. I understand things can go awry; what really angered me was that the delivery person lied, the company would not respond during the search, and JustFlowers would not refund because "the delivery was made," even if it was four days late with old, bruised flowers! Surely any other source would be better than JustFlowers!