Sunday, March 15, 2009

FlowerComplaint.Com Debut

I've been working on a little website project and I think it is ready for its debut even though I'm still tweaking things.

The website is . Respondents can instantly upload floral pictures via email or mobile device to the appropriate company category e.g. Proflowers, FTD, 1800flowers, Teleflora, Justflowers.

For those of you in the floral industry the website may strike you in an odd way but rest assured the intent of the website is to give people a place to vent of their floral experience within the context of a positive outlook for our industry. 

The slogan: "Only You Can Shape & Refine the Future of the Floral Industry!"

The idea for was born right out of Google's Analytics tracking for Florist SEO Watch. Yes, that's right, I decided to create based on how some people are reaching this blog through search. So desperate are some people to vent of their negative floral experience that they either contact me directly or look within this blog for the floral company that messed up.....and comment thereat where the context of my post doesn't match their complaint. Now they've got a place to express their frustrations.

Over time as more and more user content gets added to the website I'll be giving well-written substantial complaints their own page in an effort to make it difficult for the major floral players to perform reputation management on  

I'm also going to try to incorporate related news pieces as they become available before the holidays.

Any way, the site is brand new and a project in motion. Feel free to express your view of the site and any ideas you may have to help better it. Or, if you think it's not a good idea, take your complaint over to!! (just kidding)


jglogau said...


Could we provide a special email or phone number for the new site?

Jordan Glogau

Mark McFall said...

Hi Jordan:

Could you elaborate just a bit?


gia said...

I just laughed out loud. Way to go Mark :)

Anonymous said...

What if I want to leave a positive comment? Can I do that on as well?

Mark McFall said...

Hi Anonymous,

You are free to "Sign My GuestBook." You will see the navigation button on the left at

I have modified that page to leave it open to such comments.

Having said that, if a comment appears to uplift a particular floral company in a way that appears fishy...I'll take action.

If a florist want's to respond to a particular complaint, I'll post that too.