Sunday, October 5, 2008

Florist in Anaheim, Ca

Last month Avante Gardens, a florist in Anaheim, Ca., was featured in a news story on the SEO success of the company. The news story was put together by a business technology news agency & the focus was that "a smaller business can really level the playing field against larger competitors by optimizing its Web site for search."

The article can be read here.

I found the news piece to be an inspiration and think other florists could benefit from some of the information covered thereat. 

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Cathy R said...

Mark -

Thank you for your very kind words. :) The article's author, Naomi Grossman, was a delight and she had a real interest in how small businesses can use technology to improve sales and productivity. The tools to reach out to customers are there, we just have to use them... and use them better.