Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Flowers - Series Intro

As Thanksgiving draws closer interest in ranking for the search term “thanksgiving flowers” heightens. Over the next few days I plan to focus on the tactical SEO moves of most of the websites that rank in the TOP 10. Since one of the websites I do SEO work for currently ranks 1st you can image that I probably have the most interest (and the most to lose) in what is happening on that page. So I thought I’d write about my findings in a type of series.

For those who may be interested in following me, I’m also toying with the idea of posting my Google Analytics stats on site hits here once we drop within a week of Thanksgiving. I can’t quite commit to doing that yet as I don’t want my direct competitors to gain too much information, but we’ll see.

In any case, it should be an interesting November.  

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Stephon said...

That's great!! I'm just looking for some adorable flowers!!