Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FOL Selection Guide Update & Default Disaster

Last night the entire fleet of FTD's FOL sites were uploaded with new products and pricing changes. Many items from the previous selection guide where also restored to their original default prices.

What this means is that products on your FOL site may be listed way below what you normally sell them for. 
You will need to update them to your normal pricing points. I don't know why FTD choose to override previous custom pricing.
Also, many other defaults changed related to homepage promotions and such....etc....
Those with FOL sites better check all your defaults.

1 comment:

David said...

This is a real pain and will take some time to fix. I agree I don't know why they couldn't have converted the numbers and kept the prices the same.
If any FTD florist had custom categories the change have removed all FTD images from that category. You will need to call FOL and have them corrected.