Thursday, January 15, 2009

Teleflora Job Cuts

A news release on job cuts over at Teleflora was posted yesterday on

Teleflora cuts jobs

Local management refuses to comment

By Carol Haynes/Daily Press
Published: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 12:12 PM CST
Although Paragould Teleflora human resource manager Hal Wyatt had no comment, the Daily Press learned Tuesday morning that some employees were terminated.

In a statement released from Teleflora president Shawn Weidmann in Los Angeles, said, “Teleflora reduced a select number of positions across all business units to align costs with current and long term business priorities.

“As a long-time employer in Paragould, Teleflora remains committed to sound business practices and providing the local community with continued employment opportunities.”

Weidmann said because Teleflora is a “privately held company,” the number of jobs cut Monday would not be released, nor the number of current employees.

Some employees who lost jobs were unwilling to make comments, and others did not return calls when contacted by the Daily Press.

However, Larry Gibbs, who lost his job as a hardware technician, said the Press he holds “no ill will.”

“Business is not good, and it affects us like everyone in town ... We are at the mercy of the market as well,” he said. “I understand the economic situation, he said. “If work is not there, we can’t keep a workforce in place.”

He opted not to comment on severance packages or other options that may have been offered terminated employees by the company.

Gibbs said while he had no official warning of job cuts, he had suspicions “something was coming for awhile.”

Anyone who watches the news, or follows the economy understands the possibility of cut jobs, he said.

“It happens,” he said. “I’ve never allowed myself to be defined by my job ... My job is what enables my life.

“My family is life.”

In a press release Tuesday, Teleflora announced it will premiere a commercial in conjunction with Super Bowl XLIII, scheduled to air on NBC on Feb. 1.

According to the press releases, “This marks the first time in the company’s 75-year history that it will advertise during one of the world’s most watched and celebrated sporting events. Teleflora’s 30-second spot will air during the game’s second quarter.”

Reuters news service reports a 30-second commercial spot during the game will cost $3 million.

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