Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Flower Delivery and Service Charges

I bounced around a few of the major floral players today in an effort to know how much they will be charging beyond the product amount on Valentine’s Day orders. In that regard, will have the highest additional charge for flower delivery on Valentine’s Day.

Proflowers Shipping Charges:

Product & Accessory Price

Saturday Valentine’s Day Delivery


$0.00 - $45.00



$45.01 - $60.00



$60.01 - $70.00



$70.01 and up


The reason will have the highest charge is because Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday and FEDEX weekend rates will apply. will also be limited by FEDEX in what areas can have delivery as FEDEX doesn’t service many of the areas they service during the week.

As for the other floral entities, this is what they will be charging….

FTD.Com Service Charge: $14.99 Service Charge: $13.99 Service Charge: $13.99

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