Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teleflora SEO Laced News Release for FindaFlorist.com


A couple of weeks ago I was a little hard on Teleflora regarding an SEO news release that was masked under an announcement of their up coming Super Bowl commercial.  Thereat, I blogged that while Teleflora had every opportunity to optimize the news release to influence the rankings of both Teleflora.com and their local florist directory FindaFlorist.com, that Teleflora chose only to optimize it for Teleflora. Thus, the reference that they made in the news piece to FindaFlorist.com was apart of the masking process as their SEO did not pass any ranking influences to FindaFlorist.com.

Fast forward to today, and low and behold we have an SEO laced new release focused on influencing the ranking of FindaFlorist.com for the keyword “flowers.” This marks the first effort where a wire-service has actually made movement toward offsite SEO for their member’s directory.

The actual news release can be found by clicking here.

Two words come to mind: "I'm impressed!" 

If only FTD would do the same for FTDFloristonline.com

Update 01/28/09: MSNBC is now picking up the release. Lot's of link juice being passed. 

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