Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Introduction to Jordon Glogau by Mark McFall

Jordan is the SEO Enterprise Specialist for and a partner in Internet Reputation Management, which specializes in defensive reputation management for the Web.

Jordan has expressed a mutual interest that he and I share in getting out the word of how important it is for local florists to claim their rightful & FREE local listing before it becomes hijacked by an unethical party. If enough florists respond to his post below a more detailed post will ensue in an effort to help guide real-florists through the local listing process.

Guest Post by Jordan Glogau:

I am happy to do a guest post on Florist SEO Watch but I wish my “visit” was on a happier subject.  Mark recently did a post about 1-800-Flowers SEO efforts and we appreciate the kind comments.  It got me thinking that I should say something in a more public forum regarding a problem that’s emerged for local florists that was made aware of and would like to help address.

The problem has to do with Google and its local listing service Google Maps.  If you’re not aware Google lists most local businesses in Google Maps WITHOUT checking with the local business as to the accuracy of the address, location, phone number, etc.  Google gets its data from a number of sources like InfoUSA, Interactive Yellow Page Publishes and numerous data aggregators.  Google is very, shall I say, proud of its efforts and has even filed patents protecting these verification methodologies.

Google wants to make sure that this information is correct and has a method for the local business to verify this information.  Without going into a lot of detail you find your listing on Google Maps and then verify you are the actual business.  This is done with either a call back to the local business’ phone number or via post card that Google sends out with a call back verification code.

So here’s the rub, there is no security on these listings and a number of less than ethical internet marketers have hijacked a number of these listings pointed the listing to national aggregators.  This has been written about in detail by Mike Bloomenthal in his blog, if you want brutal details.  One florist 30 percent of their business before the address was corrected!

But here’s the point, CLAIM YOUR GOOGLE MAP LISTING, before some bottom feeder does.

Final note, if enough readers ask, I will try to do a screen-by-screen on how to claim your listing.

Jordan Glogau
Enterprise Search


Jonathon said...

Awesome - tho I have already claimed mine - good step by step instructions would be great as several florists have asked me about this, as well as SO many are unaware of the issue. Looking forward to hearing more.

Thank you Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Would love the step by step...Bring it on~ Please

Robin said...

I would love to know how to do this!

Anonymous said...

As fast as the web changes, this would be an awesome tid-bit to add to the tool box...

Mac thanks for bringing this to the masses of florists that really do need assistance with this stuff.