Friday, December 12, 2008

TLF Eflorist "no-follow" Attribute Update

Back in September I reported that the entire fleet of TLF eflorist websites had the “no-follow” attribute embedded in the primary navigation links of their florist member websites.

To recap a little on that post, it meant that PageRank flow was being channeled away from the product pages and directed toward less important pages e.g. “My Account,” “View Cart,” and “Help” pages (etc...). So all the navigational links that provided link juice to the important pages were essentially capped off with a link-condom: no link juice was going to those pages.

Well, I’m pleased to report today that I checked several handfuls of eflorist websites and the “no-follow” attribute navigation fiasco appears to be corrected.

I further recommend that they follow FTD’s FOL fleet and add the “no-follow” attribute to proper locations like, “My Account,” “View Cart,” “About Flowers,” and the “Help” pages.

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