Monday, December 29, 2008

Optimizing for Valentine’s Day

Some of the major floral entities have begun optimizing their websites for Valentine’s Day. The Mercury Man recently added Valentines related text to the bottom of their homepage at That simple addition has now brought them into TOP 10 fold for the search phrase “Valentines Flowers.” Of course, I’ll be watching for signs of a shotgun approach toward real algorithm manipulation like we saw with “Christmas flowers.”

In the mean time, it was humorously noted in a recent comment just how little ProFlowers cares where its link-votes come from. The poster referenced this link:

The poster pointed out that if you read the first line you will discover that the whole article is an “anti-Valentines message that no self-respecting florist would be a part of.” Yet they bought the link-vote "flowery" and linked it to their website.


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