Monday, December 8, 2008

Marketing in the Title-Tag Area

Title-tags are often used just for the purpose of helping search engines correctly identify and possibly populate search results (though there are other factors involved in ranking). But did you know that the Title-tag can also be used to help draw customers by the use of marketing price points?

What do I mean? Well, much in the same way that major floral entities use PPC Ads to market price points & discounts, you too can use your title area in an effort to competitively compete with the big boys

For instance, you’ve probably seen ads from companies like where price points of $24.99 are often advertised.  But real-florists, who deliver directly in the geographical zones that many of the major players advertise in, can offer their specials at much lower rates in the same visual area that big boys play in. Indeed, real-florists can. Look at the organic results below and notice how that compares with

[I've blown the image up to the right here -->]

Keep in mind that if you choose to follow a similar methodology with your title-tag area, you’ll want to refrain from putting the price point first in your title-tag area (the middle area is a good) and you’ll want to make sure that the title-tag character count (including spaces) stays around 68 or less.

If you don’t sell roses for that cheap, then use “Flowers from $19.99” or something to that effect. The idea is to get your starting price point onto Google's search page.

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