Saturday, November 8, 2008 Staying Competitive

In today’s world of online floral ecommerce it is important to be competitive. Potential buyers can easily click through a number of floral websites in an effort to find the best deal. Brick & mortar flower shops are often left in the dust due to non-competitive pricing and a lack of specials and sales language. A simple price point difference of $5 can often be the deal breaker between which website a customer will use.

In an effort stay competitive, Brant Florist has implemented a brilliant strategy to stay in the game. The following occurs on their homepage:

"We will hand craft any design from any other web site for $5.00 less. Any web image may be hand made by any other florist. Totally legal. Please provide web site, catalog number/name of product and their price. Happens thousands of times every day. Why not save and let us make it for you?"
This tactical move will not only minimize orders lost to competitors but will also capture orders that they may have not gotten in the first place. For those florists trying to secure their geographical area online, you may want to follow the lead of Brant Florist.

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