Thursday, November 6, 2008

USA-Flowers.Com #7 "Thanksgiving Flowers"

New to the mix of TOP 10 websites in Google for the key-phrase “Thanksgiving flowers” is

Thanksgiving flowers, centerpieces and arrangements for fall

Thanksgiving flowers including centerpieces, bouquets, mums and Thanksgiving gifts. Huge selection. Order online for local delivery. - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

The website is registered to:

Hoelcks Florist, 341 Boston Post Rd, WaterfordCT 06385

The website currently has a PageRank value of “3” which is an average value. What gives this website an added advantage to ranking is the age of the website as Google favors older sites. In that regard, the website was first indexed in 1998.

Possible reasons to why it suddenly ranks for “Thanksgiving flowers:”

1)      The website has recently been converted over to a Thanksgiving theme with on-page copywriting related to Thanksgiving (though the copywriting is too brief in my opinion).

2)      The website Title & meta tags have recently been re-written to reflect “Thanksgiving flowers.”

It is my prediction that the website will likely stay in the mix of Top 10 websites but will not reach the top 5 due to a lack of carefully crafted link-votes.

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