Saturday, November 8, 2008 #6 "Thanksgiving Flowers"

Coming in at #6 in Google for “Thanksgiving flowers” is a page from

Flower Send Thanksgiving Flowers, Arrangements ...

Shop online for Thanksgiving flowers & centerpieces, delivered same day by a local florist. - 45k

While they’ve held the number 6 position for quite some time (over 6 months), in the last 5 days they have stepped up their SEO campaign to push that page further up in the results.

In that regard, a recent link-vote has been cast from this site: Apparently the SEOs for are aware that link-votes take about 12 to 18 days to take effect…..just in time to push that page upward in the results just days before Thanksgiving.

However, the one thing the SEOs for did not account for is that they placed two link-votes on the same page. Google’s algorithm right now only counts one link-vote coming from a page at a time to the same domain and will often pass over other link-votes that may be present (see an experiment here). It is the second link-vote that was targeted toward Thanksgiving that Google will most likely pass over.

I don’t expect to move up into the top 5.

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