Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Thanksgiving Flowers" Developments

Couple of interesting developments today in Google regarding the search phrase “thanksgiving flowers”:  

1) The SEOs for 1800flowers.com have optimized yet another page that they intend to rank in the top 10 fold that just popped into my radar at the 11th spot. If successful, that will make two pages by 1800flowers.com that occupy the top 10; the other page currently holds the 5th spot.

2) A page from my blog here at floristseowatch has moved from the 10th spot to the 8th spot. My intent, like that of 1800flowers, is to create a buffer and push down the competition. What 1800flowers doesn’t know, however, is that I plan to include them in my collection of pushed down websites (or maybe they know now?). To date, my blog entry has pushed usa-flowers.com and Teleflora.com down in the results.   

I’ll soon be posting some Google Analytics tracking comparisons between my two web-pages shortly.   


Anonymous said...

Wow, by the time the "big boys" actually start to notice your site, it will take them less than 1 week to black hat your site completely out of SERPs.

You, then, like all people who refuse to embrace change and learn for it, will realize what an utter waste of time you have spent in pursuing Negativity.

The time you spend "outting" sites, that Google is well aware of, could have been better spent actually optimizing a Mom-and-Pop floral site to provide an actual benefit to searchers.

Instead your site is virtual SPAM for customers looking to buy flowers.

Until the majority of brick and mortar florists realize that things CHANGE, they will continue to lose money to the "evil" mega flower delivery services.

It's really a shame. Instead of focusing on providing better customer service, increasing their market share within their community, and remembering their basic love of florals and the artistry of creating unforgettable arrangements, far too many florists have gotten jaded and angry about corporations.

It's no wonder this types of florists are quickly going out of business.
Negativity abounds in every thing they do. And it reflects in their profits, arrangements, and business success.

Get back to basics! Put love and positivity into everything you do and you are guaranteed success, happiness, and wealth.

Hopelessly trying to dethrone name-brand, multi-million dollar companies who spend more on SEO than most floral shops make all year in gross revenue is just that. Hopeless.
As negativity always fails in the end.

Cathy R said...

Wow -

"Embracing change" for florists should mean learning as much as possible about SEO & SEM and then competing in our target markets - not rolling over and submitting to the "40% discount cookie cutter flowers model" which leaves only crumbs for hard working, dedicated florists.

From my reading of this blog, Mark isn't trying so much to dethrone - but to illuminate the ways some of the national brands find success in the SERPs.

With drop-shipper ProFlowers now SEOing with doorway pages for every city, large and small, in the US - claiming to be a 'local online florist' - it's imperative we real local florists stand up and compete in natural search results.

Loving flowers, displaying artistry and offering top customer service isn't enough to overcome being nowhere in Search.