Friday, November 21, 2008

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! …its…its...its…my MOM????

Coming in strong at number #10 today for the search term “Thanksgiving flowers” and edging out,, and secondary pages of, is my Mom and BOSS: Vicki McFall.

I always told her she’d be playing with the big boys but little did she know what that actually meant. Knowing my Mom, she’s going to be a little embarrassed after she reads this.

Let me give you a little background on that video that is now ranking on the 1st page.

Less than 3 weeks ago I showed up at our store with a camera in hand. Noticing that she had just finished with the mechanics portion of making an autumn floral basket, I gave her all but 15 seconds to prepare for her big moment before I hit the record button.

 Then I hit the button….

 Straightening up…

She proceeded to do what she does best: arrange flowers.  After she was done with the arrangement, I went to and uploaded it and now we are here.

Why did I do this? You ask. Well, because I want to show other florists that if WE can work together on a video commercial of sorts for a common cause in an effort to promote local florists over cubical ordering and drop shippers, OUR voice can be SEO’d to rank for terms that have been traditionally dominated by major order-gatherers.

 I can't do this myself but I know how to get the job done; what I need first is a video. A real-florist by the name of Duanermb left a comment earlier that he may be able to help with a video, so the ball may be a already rolling in that direction.

After the video is created, every florist that wants to be apart of the movement can and I’ll explain the “how” a little later. Yes, each of you can participate in getting the local florist promotion voice heard.

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