Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why am I so focused on Thanksgiving? And why post stats for my Thanksgiving website?

Well, over the last 5 years or so our family flower shop (we have two of them) has experience a significant decline in local sales for the Thanksgiving holiday. What used to be an exciting and fast paced holiday with lots of planning related to staffing, ordering supplies, ordering enough flowers to get us through, and the positioning of flower delivery vans with full tanks ready to go, has turned into nothing but an ordinary day at the flower shop.

My thinking behind ranking our Thanksgiving website was to put our flower shop at center-stage globally. I figured that if Thanksgiving was going to happen at all in the retail sense, it would likely happen at our flower shop as we send flowers thoughout America.

Any way, now that our Thanksgiving website is strategically positioned I thought I would share near real-time stats that may be useful in understanding possible trends for Thanksgiving as it relates to the floral industry. I'm hoping that other florists will find this process interesting and useful as you interpret these stats on your own.

Feel free to comment and leave your own reflections of these stats in the future. 

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