Monday, November 24, 2008 Gets Aggressive with SEO for the First Time.

I’ve been watching for quite sometime and have always considered them very low-key as for SEO goes, but today (just 6-hours ago as of this writing) they put out a news release so laced with SEO link-votes that it would rival some of the most aggressive SEO campaigns that I've seen. 
I’ve posted and highlighted in red the link-votes in a jpeg image to right. I know the image is small so you may want to view and verify it all right here or click the picture (the link-votes on the picture version are not active).
What link-vote mistakes did they make here? Well, as I’ve said before, Google’s algorithm right now only counts one link-vote coming from a page at a time to the same domain and will often pass over other link-votes that may be present (see a scientific experiment here). 
So what that means is that every link-vote that was cast after the “Teleflora” link-vote will not count as Google will most likely pass over them having identified the page as spammy. In a nut shell, while appearing aggressive, I liken this big-gun move to a banana that goes squish when you pull the trigger.

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duanermb said...

I am pretty sure that "floral gifts from Teleflora (will not be) topping this years wish list."

Not exactly newsworthy.

Oh, and maybe I can get ranked #1 for the search term Google