Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Flowers & Search

In an effort to avoid being identified as having another johnny-come-late SEO campaign for the search term “Christmas flowers,” FTD.com has taken off sprinting. Coming in hot off Google search today at #6,  ftd.com.  

Are there any real-florists that would like to compete for this term? Leave me a comment and I’ll give you some tips.

Prerequisites at having a real chance at ranking on the first page include: 

1)      Your website is over a year old.

2)      Your homepage has a Google PageRank value of “4” or greater.

While I can’t make any promises as each site has a different dynamic, it’s worth a shot. You too can play ball with the big boys.

 If we as real-florists can work together, we can make a difference. The playing field is more level  than you think.

Any takers?


Caroline Marshall - Foster said...

How about a portal site that is full of real florists, takes no money for their entries and totally and utterly advocates dealing direct. You see I run the only independent trade magazine for florists in the UK (you'll see me as Carrington on Flowerchat)and am totally dedicated to promoting B&M shops but have little funding to do much more than we do. My www.masterflorist.com site is over a year old and can be adapted to make sure consumers know that this is a way of contacting over 400 vetted real shops in the UK and another 6,000 that are real but not vetted. Haven't the foggiest what level 4 means but hey any advice welcomed as it would help hundreds of florists.

duanermb said...

I agree completely. Tough to get something really going though.

Mark McFall said...

Hi Carrie. Do you do updates to your website yourself? Or do you send information to a third party. If you do send information to a third party...what is their turnaround time?