Sunday, November 9, 2008

FloristSEOWatch Ranking #10th for "Thanksgiving Flowers"

As some of you know, one of my floral websites currently holds the number 1 spot for the search term "thanksgiving flowers."

In an effort to lessen the number of competitors that I have to deal with on that page I optimized one of the pages from this blog to rank for the phrase "thanksgiving flowers" too. Today, it moved into position and edged out from the top 10 fold. 

This turn of events for is very telling as their multi-million dollar website with all their marketing gurus just got edged out by a blog that cost me nothing.

I expect that my blog post will increase in ranking over the next week or so. In that regard, other multi-million dollar floral entities are at risk of losing their current position too.

Stay tuned, I may have other surprises up my sleeve as we move closer.  

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