Monday, November 24, 2008 Syndicate Publishing & Thomas Kinkade Brand Ranking

As I just reported below (click for context), put out an SEO laced news report through the wire. As time continues to march on today I have observed that same news report being published multiple times throughout various outlets. While one can draw the conclusion that each of these re-publishings are working to cast their own link-votes toward, it is incorrect thinking as Google detects syndicate publishing and will only count one of these news releases (e.g. see here & here for the same release).

Of notable interest however is that is now *attempting* to influence the search results in an effort to brand rank for the phrase "Thomas Kinkade" through SEO tactics (look for the link-vote "Thomas Kinkade"). Wouldn't it be funny if out ranked for their own search term: "Thomas Kinkade."[?] Something tells me Thomas Kinkade wouldn't find it too funny.

Any way, I don't think it is going to happen due to the mistakes noted in my other post. But this does mark the first time I've observed a floral entity attempt to brand rank.  

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