Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remember my blog entry titled “Where art thou”?

Well guess what? is climbing the results really fast right now with a johnny-come-late SEO campaign that may land the floral giant in the top 5 with just days remaining before Thanksgiving.

For those just joining my blog, I noted last week that was missing in action for the search phrase “Thanksgiving flowers”; and by missing in action, I meant that they did not rank in the top 1000 results.

But in the last few hours they have made considerable head way in an effort to be apart of the top 10 entourage. Currently placing in the upper portion of the 2nd page, their revised SEO strategy looks pretty strong this time around.

In that regard, they’ve recently changed their title tag to reflect “Thanksgiving flowers” as we see here: [note: three or four days ago the word “flowers” was not present in both their title area or on the header of the actual page]

 Thanksgiving Flowers, Gifts, and Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Enjoy Thanksgiving flowers on your table or send Thanksgiving flowers and gifts to a loved one at

And they strategically placed a strong link-vote directly on the lower half of their homepage. Since their homepage carries a PageRank value of 6, Google is interpreting that vote as being weighty. Hence, it is boosting their Thanksgiving page into position in the Google results.

I hope my little 5-page $10 dollar website holds its own all the way up there on top as the big boys try & muscle their way in for my spot.

With all this sudden movement from, you'd think they were reading my blog or something......nahh ;-)

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